Privacy Policy

We are aware that it is our social responsibility to deal appropriately with personal information. We do our best to protect personal information, having come up with the following policies:

  • Compliance with Laws and Other Regulations Regarding the Protection of Personal Information

    We comply with laws on the protection of personal information as well as guidelines and other regulations set forth by relevant governmental ministries and agencies.

  • Acquisition and Use of Personal Information

    When we collect personal information for our business activities, we will make it clear for what we will use it. We will then collect personal information exclusively for such purposes. We do not use personal information for any other purposes unless we have to for legal reasons.

  • Management of Personal Information

    We manage personal information appropriately in accordance with the purposes of its use. In an effort to secure the accuracy and safety of personal information, we undertake security and other management measures to prevent it from being accessed illegally, lost, damaged, falsified and leaked.

  • Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

    Unless we obtain consent personally from relevant interested parties or are required legally, we do not provide their information to any third parties.

  • Management and Supervision of Business Partners

    When we entrust business partners to handle personal information to achieve targets for which it is obtained, we conclude necessary contracts with the partners so that they will manage the information safely. We also manage and supervise the partners in an appropriate manner.

  • Disclosure, Alteration, Addition and Removal of Personal Information

    When we are requested personally by relevant interested parties to disclose, alter, add and remove their personal information, we meet such requests properly in accordance with our own procedures. In respect to inquiries about the handling, disclosure, alteration, addition and removal of personal information that we have, we have a dedicated division.

  • Constant Improvements

    In a drive to continue to protect and management personal information appropriately, we make efforts constantly to review and improve our systems and operations so that we can always have proper standards to keep pace with changes in circumstances.