Car Export Service

Centralizing in the sales operation related to ocean transport of unpacked vehicles mainly from the ports of Yokohama, Nagoya & Kobe to various destinations around the world, KEIHIN MARITIME CO., LTD. proposes services that make the most of the respective facilities function in partnership with other members of The Keihin Co., Ltd. Group.

Shipping Agent

On behalf of Ship Owners and Carriers, we perform the various business tasks required when cargo vessels call and leave the ports of Tokyo, Kawasaki and Yokohama to assist them in their safe and smooth operations. The various tasks include arrangement for sea sailing routes, securing berths and pilots for incoming vessels; completing formalities with Custom Houses, Immigration Authorities and Quarantine Stations; and arranging cargo handling services. A variety of requests are made for ship's spare parts and components; hydrographic charts, which are necessary for navigation; and water and foodstuffs, among other commodities. We accurately meet such demands in the very limited time before ship departures.

Export Clearance

Declaration procedures for exporting products from Japan to other countries are so complicated that expertise is required. We offer Customs Clearance Services for the export of a wide range of goods, including machinery, electrical appliances, chemical products and daily necessity goods. Our registered Customs specialists, all of whom have many experience and good skill, carry out Customs-clearance formalities for valuable products that we accept from customers on their behalf. Our mottos are fulfilling those services fast and appropriately.

NVOCC (Non-Vessel Operating Common carrier)

For exporting cargoes, we shall offer the best shipping schedule and competitive freight rate in accordance with the demands for our customer's satisfaction. For importing cargoes, meanwhile, we shall work hard to help customers speed up their business activities. To this end, we shall endeavor to make seamless arrangements to reduce the cargo lead time after the shipments arrive in Japan by timely issuing of Arrival Notices (A/N) and Delivery Orders (D/O).